July 27, 2019
7 months and 17 days left
until our celebration.
WELCOME to all of the descendants of Clarence and Juanita Devers to our new website. 
In July 2019, we will gather to celebrate the AFTER PARTY of the Devers' Family Reunion in Shreveport, Louisiana with the bond of family and friends!! This weekend will be filled with love, laughter, great food, fun and family fellowship. This after party will also bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart and there will be memories for everyone. Please plan to attend and encourage other family members to attend as well!!
Stop by often and receive regular updates of our AFTER PARTY!! On our family website, you will be able to register online, update address, post pictures and pay your fees.
We are very excited to start a get together of all aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews on this side of the family. 
Out of respect for our other family members, please do not share any information about this website on any social media site, for example: Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!!
July 27-28, 2019
What theme would you like for Saturday night?

ALL Black
Denim & Diamond
Great Gasby
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